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Easter and the Gospel

"The Risen Christ Appearing to Mary Magdalen" by Rembrandt
"The Risen Christ Appearing to Mary Magdalen" by Rembrandt (Wikipedia)

It’s late, and I’ve just finished putting the final touches on the fourth and last sermon in my Easter, 2010 series.  At Mayer, we’ve covered the following:

  1. What Were We Created For? (Gen 1:26-31)
  2. What Went Wrong? (Isaiah 59:1-8)
  3. What Is The Solution? (Mark 15:33-37, John 19:28-30, Matthew 27:50-54; Luke 23:39-43)
  4. What Is Our Hope? (Romans 8:18-30)

In all, I’d say that I have felt more comfortable with this series of sermons than any other.  It’s always exciting when you take a long, macroscopic look at the whole narrative of Scripture.  It’s amazing how cohesive it all is.

From beginning to end, we’re confronted with a holy God who created us to glorify Him, to live in a right relationship with Him, and to show forth His image in right relationships with each other and with the created universe.

We’re shown–and we know this to be true–that everything that we were created for has been shattered, twisted, and corrupted by the all-pervasive stench of sin.  Sin has separated us from God and turned us against each other.

And then Christ dies for us, and in his dying moments, he is suffering the full weight of our sin, the separation between us and God that our sin has created, and still this perfect Savior is reconciling relationships, creating a way back to God’s presence, and redeeming us from our sin.

And now, we join with Paul in affirming that because Christ rose again, we can look forward with expectant hope to the full restoration of creation, the glorious resurrection of our bodies, and the final reconciliation between the people of God and God Himself.

I love Easter.  It is nothing less than the Gospel.

Happy Easter,
Dan J.

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