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The Coolest Video of a Water Heater Failing You’ll See Today

Anna and I had a water heater fail at one of our apartments in Phoenix.  It was located outside of our apartment in a tiny storage closet on the porch, and the tank ruptured.  It burst a hole through our living room wall and sent a jet of water twenty feet across the apartment, flooding our residence and the two floors below us.

When it popped, we were at the Grand Canyon with Anna’s folks, and we missed most of the excitement.  So, when I heard Adam Savage (of Mythbusters fame) say that failing water heaters made for his favorite explosions, I had to look for the video evidence.  I can honestly say that seeing this makes me just a little bit happier that we weren’t home.

Anyhow, have fun checking your T&P valves!

Grace & Peace,
Dan J.

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  1. Julie Flora

    I’m kinda glad we weren’t there, also, although it was an awful mess when we got back!

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