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Windsor Place: The Backyard

Now that I’m done with seminary, Anna expects me to help her make progress on our project list for Windsor Place.  That’s fine in principle, but in practice, it means that she wants me to dig out our irrigation trench and move our shed across the yard.  I’ve dropped in some pictures below, including a panorama shot of our backyard.

Our irrigation runs have been less than pleasant in the last year.  The water fails to reach the front yard and instead, it blows out our berms and floods our back patio and driveway.  This is great if we have a dirty driveway.  It’s less great if we want a green lawn in the front yard.

Part of the problem is that our side yard is fairly narrow.  Another part of the problem is that we set our shed in such a way that it further constricted the flow of water through our side yard.  So, we moved the shed, and as you can see in the pictures, we’ve started a planter in the shed’s original location.  The run that came immediately after this change went much better; our whole front yard was watered, and our back patio remained mostly dry.  We’ve just picked up some glysophate to destroy any growth in the planter and to prepare it for Anna’s grand vision.  (I think she’s going with succulents.)

The other issue to address was the ditch itself.  It was simply a dirt trench, and the sides have slowly washed out over the last few years.  So, we’re widening it and then dropping in retaining walls on both sides.  When we’re done, it should be as narrow (or a little narrower) than when we started.  This will help keep the water pressure a little more “pressure-y.”  Our next run is in two days, so we’ll need to get this done soon.

Anyhow, if you’re in Phoenix soon, and you’re feeling handy with a shovel, you’re welcome to stop by and help move some dirt.  We’ll even make you some iced tea!

Grace & Peace,
Dan J.

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  2. If Anna’s plans are anything like her mothers, look out!

  3. Dan

    No kidding–she’s all over me to build a fence, put up some crawling vines, regrade the yard, etc… I get tired thinking about it. :)

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