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MCC Study Followup

Reimagining Evangelism
Reimagining Evangelism

Back in May, I mentioned that we were beginning a new study on evangelism at Mayer Community Church.  We have just completed that study, and I wanted to drop a brief comment here: If you have the chance, go through this study.  It’s not particularly earth-shattering, but it is often helpful in ways that are unexpected.  Anna and I have both found resources and comments in this study that have helped us to redefine our approach to sharing the Gospel.  The study focuses on a few key ideas, but three have seemed to resonate most with the body at MCC:

  1. We need to drop the scripts and simply start doing things we love to do with folks who don’t yet know Jesus.
  2. It’s important to re-establish trust before proclaiming truth.
  3. Simply being present in people’s lives is a fantastic way to gain the opportunity to share the Gospel.

If you’d like more of an idea on Richardson’s approach and general style, feel free to read through his comments on developing a GIG (Group Investigating God), or even through the first chapter of Reimagining Evangelism.  Have fun!

Grace & Peace,
Dan J.

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