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A Quick Shout Out For Scandinavia

So, it’s been a dry couple of weeks here at JA, but I will be returning soon with the final section of the Horner review.  In the meantime, let me offer this enjoyable video of James May (“Captain Slow”) learning how to drive like a Finn.  Take a peek at the standard Finnish driving lessons about a minute in and ask yourself why they don’t teach that in Indiana (or Wisconsin…or Minnesota…or Colorado…). Being married to a gal of Scandihoovian descent, I can appreciate why Finnish housewives can run a quick, backroads race without blinking.  Check out the clip.

On a side note, Finland just took first place in a “Best Countries” survey.  I think I can see why.

Light on the Brakes,
Dan J.

PS – I’m not sure if it’s just me, but Mika Hakkinen reminds me of Anna’s grandfather personality-wise.

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  1. that is quite a course for driver’s ed! ha!

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