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A Happy Break from the Heat

Julie, this one's for you!
Julie, this one’s for you!

It’s been a busy stretch since graduation, with us placing some increased time into initiating a couple new ministries at Mayer, both of us working hard on remodeling the kitchen (pictures will follow in a future post!), and the search for a second job for Dan.  So, when he said that he felt like he was getting grumpy about things he wouldn’t normally feel grumpy about, we decided to take a brief break over the Labor Day weekend to sit on the beach in San Diego and do absolutely nothing.  The whole sitting and doing nothing thing lasted for about an hour and a half before we decided it would be nice to move around a bit, and so we visited a few places we haven’t taken the time to visit in the past–namely, we spent an afternoon at Balboa Park and a morning at La Jolla.  The rest of the pictures are below.

The first picture is of the Broken Yolk Challenge.  No, to answer David J.’s first question, that’s not Dan eating that meal (his dad learned that lesson for all of them).  It’s an insane meal, so we’ll just put a link to the restaurant’s website, and insert their own description here:

The Broken Yolk Challenge
The Broken Yolk Challenge

Broken Yolk Café Special (For the iron man or woman)

A dozen-egg omelet filled with mushrooms, onions, American cheese and smothered with our chili and more cheese. On the other half of a 15-inch pizza pan is a generous pile of homefries and two biscuits.

The Broken Yolk Special is Free if you eat it all within an hour.

After breakfast, we wandered around the Gaslamp District, picked up some unique San Diego Starbuck’s Coffee, and then headed over to Balboa Park.  We’ve included a picture of the huge Organ Palace for Julie’s sake–they still have weekly organ concerts, which Dan thinks is ridiculous.

The other photos are of the Botanical Gardens, the Japanese Gardens and the various park facilities. The park on Labor Day Weekend was the location of choice for weddings and quinceañeras, and every group arrived in style–we loved the last group, which rolled up in some classic Chevys appropriately modified with hydraulic bounce kits.

As you can see, we didn’t walk side by side at La Jolla.  We just stared at each other and drank coffee while the surfers wandered by.  And, of course, we should thank Dave & Trish for hosting–you were great!

Grace & Peace,
Dan & Anna J.

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