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Stetzer Interviews Patrick

Cross celebrating delivery from a plague, Szentendre, Hungary
Cross celebrating delivery from a plague, Szentendre, Hungary

Ed Stetzer recently interviewed author Darrin Patrick regarding his new book: Church Planter. This looks like a good read, and one which will prove helpful to folks in many mission-minded contexts outside of the “standard church planting ministry” (as if such a thing exists).

The following comment struck me as insightful and needed for many churches today:

Stetzer: How is contextualization not compromise?

Patrick: Good contextualization is not bringing the gospel to people on their terms. That would be compromise. Biblical contextualization is bringing the gospel to people with their terms. That is why we take our language about the gospel and forms of church that declare the gospel and we adapt them to be understandable to the cultures in which we find ourselves.  (emphasis mine)

I think this distinction makes most of the difference.  When a church is willing to give up a long-held culture for the sake of the Gospel, it’s not out of a desire to appease, entertain, or placate a crowd, but rather out of an understanding that the intended audience will never hear the shocking Gospel as long as it is communicated in terms and forms that they just don’t understand.

Hit the link (here) for the rest of the brief interview.

Grace & Peace,
Dan J.

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