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Happy Birthday to Me

So tomorrow (10/5, if you’re keeping track) is my 30th birthday, and Anna got me a pretty special present–a new office with new flooring.  Actually, it’s her old office, but it’s larger than the one I’ve been using and it has some nice natural light.  I’ve basically been working in a small cave for the last four years.  Anna spent last week repainting the entire room in a nice shade of blue.  (I think it’s called “Misty Surf.”)  We spent today trying to put in new flooring.

The flooring is this stuff from Floor & Decor, and it looks nicer than we both expected.  However, the whole “Click-Lock” thing should be renamed to “Click-Mutterangrily-Retry-Poundwithyourfistandcry-Lock.”  We had hoped to finish the office today, but our car broke down yesterday morning, and so we had to get that into a shop and deal with the repairs before we moved on to the flooring.  We made okay progress, and we’ll probably be finished by the end of the week.  I’ll post more pictures when the floor is in and the furniture is set up.

Grace & Peace,
Dan J.

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  1. Dan

    Peanut is a “beagatese,” basically he’s a beagle/maltese mix. We like to think he’s a designer dog; most people would say he’s a mutt. :) AJ

  2. Happy birthday, Dan. I’ve been on the other side of 30 for six months now. I like it, a lot. God is faithful!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!! Have the greatest day today!!!

  4. Thanks Roxanne & Lynnette! It’s been a fun day so far. (I slept in, and now I”m eating a pumpkin-chocolate-chip muffin.)

  5. @Scott: I’m loving the rain! On the drive back from Mayer, we could only see the top of the lightning, and it looked like the backside of a fireworks show.

    @Christi: Thanks! He looks more innocent there than he should…

  6. Happy Birthday Dan! Sorry it’s late – we’ve been having computer issues for a couple of weeks. Enjoy the new decade….it’s great!

  7. Happy belated birthday Dan! Looks like you had a super day! :)

  8. So there’s a whole illustration somewhere in there about how important underlayment is to the finished product, huh? Hope your birthday was great!

  9. We just finished laying our last piece of flooring in the 3rd bedroom!!! Now, on to the floor molding… AJ

  10. Regarding “Click-Mutterangrily-Retry-Poundwithyourfistandcry-Lock.” Ask Anna about my adventures installing hardwood floors. Not one of my better times, but the house looked a lot better. I think that project involved a dog also. (Not as well behaved as Peanut)

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