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The Longest Birthday in the World

So, it’s taken some time to finish the floors and baseboard molding (moulding?) and painting, but it’s finally all done.  I thought I’d snap a few pictures of it before we move the furniture in, so you could see all of our (Anna’s?) hard work.  Actually, it was pretty joint-effort, which was nice.  I did most of the flooring and installing the baseboards, and Anna did all of the painting (because I’m very good at painting outside of the lines.  It’s not a marketable job-skill, but it gets me out of painting.)  We still need to install the transition pieces and make sure the doors are trimmed to fit over the freshly-raised floors, but that’s for another week.  Tonight, Anna’s helping me fill this room with desks and books–lots of books, carefully organized by LOC call numbers, because I am crazy.

Maybe I’ll do a post on how I’ve got my office set up once it’s ready to go, and then I’ll add a bunch of words like “GTD” and “productivity” and “maximum efficiency” and “lifehack” in order to get all of the “I need to be productive, so I’ll read the tubes all day to learn about productivity rather than actually working” traffic.  If what I just said makes no sense to you, then be thankful.  You probably get stuff done.

Grace & Peace,
Dan J.

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  1. Sounds like Anna is a lot like her mother. Never saw a house that didn’t need to be remodeled. It looks good.

  2. Good work – it looks awesome! Love that floor choice…

  3. Dan

    @Bruce, @Jessica:

    Thanks, guys! I’ve spent most of last night and part of today putting in the bookshelves and furniture, and it feels a lot better than working on concrete floors. :)

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