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JA Update #3 (March, 2011)

ECMI LogoWe just sent out our March update letter, regarding our progress towards ministry in Spain.  If you’d like to receive this update, as well as future updates, feel free to drop us an e-mail or to plug your email address in over on our Stay Up to Date page.  (We promise: No spam!)  Our prayer requests for this month are below the break, along with many pictures from our time in Pennsylvania. Please pray for us as we take our next steps:

  1. Pray for our souls: Pray that we both love and pursue God first, that we grow in the grace & the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  2. Pray for our health: We have both been under the weather with the flu (January) and sinus infections (February).  Pray that we remain healthy and able to put a lot of energy into our ministry.
  3. Pray for our progress: We will likely begin our partnership development training at the end of March.  Pray that we learn well & that God blesses our efforts to develop a prayer and support network.
  4. Pray for the evangelical church in Spain: It grows, but slowly, and it faces much opposition from without.  Pray that the Holy Spirit moves the Spanish church into a period of great unity in Christ.

Grace & Peace,
Dan & Anna J.

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  1. I’m so proud of you, Dan – you actually took good pics! (Neither of you looked too scared holding the babies, either….!)

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