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JA Update #6 (June, 2011)

We just sent out our June update letter, regarding our progress towards ministry in Spain.  If you’d like to receive this update, as well as future updates, feel free to drop us an e-mail or to plug your email address in over on our Stay Up to Date page.  (We promise: No spam!)  Our prayer requests for this month are below the break, along with several pictures.

Please pray for us this month regarding the following needs:

  1. Please pray as we continue setting appointments with potential ministry partners.  Pray that God directs our calls and conversations, and that he glorifies himself in the entire process.
  2. Please continue to pray that God would be preparing a man for the role of pastor/elder at Mayer Community Church.
  3. God has provided!  Please pray for our upcoming move from our house to a nearby apartment–that it goes smoothly.
  4. Please pray that we have continued good health and energy for the ministry.

We love you all,
Dan & Anna J.


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  1. Jessica

    haha. loved the pics and the commentary…made me chuckle. miss you guys.

  2. Diane Akin

    Me too – Great pictures, hilarious commentary. You should have been a comedian!

  3. Kristin

    Nice Dan! And, of course I keep my car that way. Hah.

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