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JA Update #23

Well, in the midst of the website design updates, we’ve been a bit inconsistent in posting our updates here.  Our February update is a little video we put together as a special thank you to our partners and sending churches.  Next month, we’ll give some information for those of you still considering partnership.

We have just a couple of prayer requests for this month.  Please pray with us:

  1. That God would bring on many new partners over the next couple of months
  2. That we would be able to complete this period of ministry and make the move to Spain in June
  3. That we would glorify God in our work and rejoice in Him in our hearts

We are praising God for the following:

  1. He has given us good progress in raising our necessary financial partnerships!
  2. He continues to provide opportunities to proclaim the gospel!
  3. He loves us with a steadfast love!

Yours in Christ,
Dan & Anna Julian

PS – You can now give online to our ministry with ECMI-USA.  Find out more at

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