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Home for the Next Year

Here are some pictures of our apartment in Córdoba.  We moved in at the beginning of July and have just about finished settling in.  We’re still lacking a desk for the office and an umbrella for the patio, but otherwise, things are shaping up nicely.

As we mention in our July update letter, this apartment is a gift from God through our ministry partners.  We are very thankful for the apartment and for our partners!

It’s not large (about 600 sq. ft), but it’s clean, quiet, and very close to our language school.  It has enough room for guests, and, unusually for Córdoba, it has an oven, a dishwasher, and central AC.   We didn’t realize these were so rare when we first moved here.

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  1. Kathy

    It’s BEAUTIFUL! Love the floors, the tile work, and the kitchen cabinets. The size is pretty impressive too. :)

  2. Dan

    Thanks, Kathy! We’re very happy with it. :)

  3. Don & Betty Hoffman

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing the pictures! Praying for you!!!

  4. Leroy & Connie

    What a neat place! Love the kitchen. It’s beautiful! Love & miss you both. We will pray for all the things you’ve mentioned. Take care & God bless! <3

  5. Esther P

    That is so cool! Well, when the AC is on. Tiny on the living space, but really lovely. God is good! Glad someone called the police! What a way to meet people. :)

  6. Lindsey Monge

    Wow it looks gorgeous!! Very impressive and the space is well utilized. From what I’ve seen in European housing this is a blessing. God will surely give ample opportunities for you to use it well.

  7. Joan Miller

    Thanks so much for sharing the pics of your “home”. It looks great. Just curious. Where do you do laundry?

  8. Diana Bogue

    I really like the architecture and decor! It is so great that you have a nice place to live being you will have so many adjustments to make in your new environment. We are so excited that you are there representing our Lord.

  9. Jeanie

    Nice pics, nice apartment! Do I spot a bidet in there where you brush your teeth?

  10. Dan

    Thanks, all! We are very happy with it. And thank you all for the prayers. It’s a privilege to be here, and we hope we have the joy of seeing God work in our neighbor’s lives.

    Joan: We have a tiny washing machine in the kitchen, just next to the fridge. We usually do a load every day (or two every other day), and then hang it to dry on the patio.

    Jeanie: That is a bidet indeed. Though we’ve sanitized it aggressively and use it for a mop bucket. :)

  11. Cousin Janet :)

    Dan and Anna,

    Small yes, but BEAUTIFUL. The architecture, the details, simply beautiful. I am so very happy that God continues to bless your journey. Prayers for you both, and also your neighbors, Pedro & Puri (what an awesome story and room for testimony and sharing!).
    We love you both and our Blagg clan prays for you often!

  12. Dan

    Thanks, Janet! We love you all too. :)

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