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Good News for Those Who are Already Okay?

American Christians like to hide our need.  We like to act as though we have things together.   But when we do this, we undermine the very gospel that we want to proclaim.

Thoughts On Miller’s Sabbatical

p5rn7vb You should read Paul Miller’s article, “I’m Still Here: Back online after a year without the internet.” I have a couple of thoughts and I’m interested in yours. T...

Postmodernism Goes to Church

All too often, we sacrifice truth for experience, and this is a growing, dangerous trend in the American church.  Out of the desire to avoid doctrinal arguments, we rely only on our own life-story to...

Playing Genesis 3 on Repeat

In Genesis 3, the serpent did a couple of things: (1) He turned the focus of Adam and Eve inward, away from God and his goodness; (2) he de-emphasized the need to esteem the gracious and life-giving w...

"Facebook" by An Phan Văn, used with permission

Why We’re Adding Facebook To Our Already Busy Lives


Does God Have Short Arms?

I’m teaching on Isaiah 59:1-15 this Sunday as the second part of a four part series on the Gospel.  Last week, we looked at Genesis 1:26-31 to discuss what it was that God created us for–...